About the comic:

“Highly Motivated” is my first webcomic. It’s about people who work at a game company named “Hellfire Cowboys”, and other people who work at a beauty salon named “Perfect Lady”.
The comic started in August 2014 and is currently updated on Mondays and Fridays. Updates are announced on Twitter.
If you would like a geographical setting for the comic, imagine an English-speaking version of Germany.

About me:

I’m female and in my mid-thirties older than most of my comic characters. 😛  I’m still learning how to draw people (and things), but I’m getting better! Yay! 😀
I started thinking about making this comic because of real life events, but when the characters formed in my head, they got their own stories, and now I want to tell those stories. Making up things is more fun than real life.  😉

I decided to write the comic in English so more people can understand it. English is not my native language though, and if something I wrote doesn’t make any (grammatical) sense, I’m thankful if you tell me so I can change it.