I wasn’t sure if I should really include this page. Most characters have sort of a background story in my mind, and I want at least some of those stories to be known by readers, but I’m never sure how to do it.
Some parts should be guessable from how the characters act and things they say between the lines, and I don’t want to over-explain stuff. In this specific case, I also don’t want to excuse Felix’ actions with what might look like “oh, that explains it, so it’s not his fault”.
On the other hand, I think some information just needs to be there. The content of this page could probably fill several pages of an actual flashback story, but that would interrupt the current chapter for too long, and nobody wants that. 😉  So I ended up compressing it all in this page as kind of a compromise.

The font is “Mark Of The Beast” from blambot.com.

(And if the character tags are confusing: Larsson is Felix’ last name.)