I’m taking a break, and not a short one.
(I think “hiatus” is the word, feared by webcomic readers all over the world.)

This will coincide with some time passing in the comic, i.e. the next page (whatever it may be) will take place quite a while after this one.
There are still several chapters left that I planned a long time ago, and I hope I’ll be able to put them all together in a way that makes sense – and heeyyy, maybe I’ll even get to introduce what was originally meant to be the main character. ;p

I plan to continue in April 2019. If there is no news here by the end of April, assume something unexpected happened (e.g. I was abducted by aliens and am busy learning to fly a spaceship) and I may not be able to continue the comic.

There is also another option. When I recently told one person IRL I was going to take a break, they said this was a good idea and I could maybe use the time to reconsider my “strategy” for the comic. After some questioning, it turned out they were trying to say I should maybe, possibly, make the comic funny or interesting, instead of unfunny and boring. Oops. 😆
So if I come to the realization that I really can’t make a funny or interesting webcomic, I might just stop completely and focus on other hobbies. But in that case, I will still post an update here or on Twitter so any (remaining) readers will know what’s going on (or not going on) with Highly Motivated.

Whatever may be the future of this webcomic, I wish you a very happy year 2019! 🙂